Saturday, May 7, 2011

New Discussion: Problems at School

Carolyn: So who has issues at school? Pretty much everyone. Well mine is no better. Since starting sophomore year, I have met many people who have surprised me a lot by their attitudes, speech, and behavior. Now before you say anything, I come from a country school, with 50 kids or less in your grade and the people were down-to-earth and smart or had more common sense. Now freshmen year, we moved to a new school where a lot of people from the city are moving there and there is about 300+ students in your grade, a huge change for us. But as I was saying, I'VE NEVER MET SO MANY RUDE, VULGAR, IDIOTIC PEOPLE IN MY LIFE UNTIL I MOVED HERE! I mean, no one wants to here you are doing a threesome or you are about to have a shoot out at someone's house. These people are ridiculous. Yet, are mom keeps asking us was it worth it to move here to get a better education, but we don't want to go back to SL, because we only be going behind in education, and I really want to get in MSU's Shackouls Honors College, so I'm stuck. :( Everyday, I think about how it'll be like junior or senior because I'll be in honor classes and yearbook.

I know I"m jumping around, but the other day at school(this is an example of the kind of people I encounter everyday) this guy pulls up my jacket saying, "Shake that a#*," as I was walking back to my desk. I didn't say a thing. Then later he had the nerve to call me the mean twin just because I wouldn't let him copy my answers, (him and others). I told them that I am not, but Marilyn will let you copy her answers and then change hers afterwards. I am tired of people saying I'm the mean twin just because I don't let them have their way, but you know what, I'm going to stop saying I'm nice or I'm not antisocial( I get that to too, but that's another story) and say, "Yea I am, so what, that still means that I won't..." UGGGHHHHH, WHHHYYYY! All I can do is pray, but....

But there has to be another way to deal with THESE people, but what, WHAT?!?!?

P.S.: There are probably some errors in these paragraphs, but forgive me, & Barack says hi! Ooo, and I just did twist on my hair, I'll come back later and let you know how the twist outs did, and have a video on them too, if all goes right.

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