Sunday, June 26, 2011

Comparison: Big Chop & 3 months

Here are pictures from my BC to 3 months & 2 weeks.
BC: My hair was really short & it was blown out.

2 Months: I could definitely tell my hair was growing. This was a twist out that I picked out.

3 months & 2 weeks: My hair is getting longer! :-D  This was an old twist out that I fluffed out.

As you can see my hair is ACTUALLY growing. Back when I had a relaxer, my hair never grew this quick. I'm really happy and can't wait for my one year natural anniversary.

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Just Talk

Hi, it's been so long since we last posted. I thought Mimi was going to do something, but she's been super lazy about the blog. I have a legit excuse, which was me trying to sell yearbook ads(so far none has bought from me, and I don't know why it's mandatory). So since I've been busy with that, I've been feeling down and stopped working out, so I know I picked up a few pounds. Surprisingly, I haven't neglected my hair as much. I still wash & DC once a week, twist my hair, and untwist the next day. After the 2nd day, I picked my twist out, since it was raining for three days straight(I didn't mind). This yearbook staff stuff is really messing up my routine though, I need to relax and get back into shape. Lately, I've been praying about it, so I have to wait and see how this will turn out. Later I'll post a pic of my hair and compare it my BC. I'm so happy now that my hair is growing, by the way, I'm 3 months and 2 weeks, and it's getting longer. Well that's all for now.

Ooo, I almost forgot....

Picture of The Day

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Recap of our trip to Dallas

Well Saturday, my mom, siblings, grandparents, and I left for Dallas over the weekend to see my youngest aunt preach her first sermon. First of all, our mom made us drive half the way there to get some more experience before we got our intermediate license that we were suppose to get earlier, but that's another funny story. Anyway, we get to Dallas, but before we got to our hotel, we went to the wrong hotel twice, but that's A LONG story. We get to the hotel finally, check into our rooms, and meet all our aunts but one. Luckily for us, they all liked our hair a lot. We have two cousins who are natural, but straighten their hair, and the oldest liked our hair and ended up falling in love with our Shea Moisture Curl Enhancing Smoothie even though she uses it for wrapping her hair, but that's OK.   

Later, we go to Black Eyed Pea to eat, and surprise, the 5th aunt comes in. She's actually the 4th, but I just said 5th since she was the last to show. She saw our hair and liked it; she even played in my hair while walking to her chair. We got through with dinner(had a lot of laughs and camera wars with Marilyn) and headed to Walgreen's  While their we showed our cousin what product we used, so now their's another Shea Moisture fan. By the way, we wore twist outs the whole weekend. Back at the hotel, we watched the trains pass by every 30 minutes and watched people pull into Arby's at 12 something in the morning. I know we were sort of bored, but we had fun and watched our cousin straighten her sister's hair. Later, we were off to sleep, ready to get up early in the morning.

Sunday morning, we got dressed and ready to head to church and home. Knowing Marilyn and I, we got a stash of headbands, and we chose our biggest headbands. We get to the church, which was actually at a student union at a college. We go inside and guess what we see...... So many women with natural hair and at least 5 guys with dreads. Even the Preacher's wife was natural, and there was this lady with real long dreads who liked our hair. During greeting time, all of the women who were natural, came up to us hugging us and saying how much they liked our hair, which was a huge boost in our confidence( not like we didn't have any problems). Then, we stayed for aunt's sermon which went very well. Later, we went out to eat, and met another natural who was asking Marilyn how we styled our hair. Now we get that a lot often, it's so weird telling a woman older than me how or what we used to style our hair. After that, we went back home and went straight to sleep, since we had to get our intermediate license the next day. We did get it and went driving right after. :-D

Here are a few pics:

Picture of The Day

From now on, I want do Picture of The Day. These will mostly be pictures I've taken.

Thursday, June 2, 2011

New Name

Well I'm thinking about changing the name of the blog to something different from referring to being natural. I've talked with Mimi, and she says OK. Now it's up to me to find the name. Want something that puts together everything we might talk about; I think I might have something. The same will go for our YouTube channel.

And here's a pic of my recent twist out, turned out real good.

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