Sunday, May 15, 2011

Update Video

So here's an update video of me and my hair with a special appearance from Barack. 
Oooo, by the way, 1 WEEK AND 2 DAYS LEFT OF SCHOOL!!!!!!

Saturday, May 14, 2011


Carolyn: From now on, my posts will be in blue, and Marilyn's will be in a different color.

No Good

Carolyn: Well I took down my twists last Sunday, and it was ok, not the best but ok. It didn't even last as long as my first twist out. So I'm trying it again, besides our cousin's graduation is coming up, and I need to know my hair will come out right. Anyway, I shampooed with Mineral Fusion shampoo, DC with Giovani Nutrafix Hair Reconstructer, detangled with Kinky-Curly Knot Today, and used Shea Moistures Curl Enhancing Smoothie for my twists. I also put their Hold & Shine Hair Moisture Mist afterwards. So wish me luck on this one. Also, I became 2 months natural on Tuesday! :-)

Oh and by the way, here are pics of Barack after a bath. I wasn't the only one getting my hair washed.
 Him after, doesn't he look mad. :-D

Saturday, May 7, 2011

New Discussion: Problems at School

Carolyn: So who has issues at school? Pretty much everyone. Well mine is no better. Since starting sophomore year, I have met many people who have surprised me a lot by their attitudes, speech, and behavior. Now before you say anything, I come from a country school, with 50 kids or less in your grade and the people were down-to-earth and smart or had more common sense. Now freshmen year, we moved to a new school where a lot of people from the city are moving there and there is about 300+ students in your grade, a huge change for us. But as I was saying, I'VE NEVER MET SO MANY RUDE, VULGAR, IDIOTIC PEOPLE IN MY LIFE UNTIL I MOVED HERE! I mean, no one wants to here you are doing a threesome or you are about to have a shoot out at someone's house. These people are ridiculous. Yet, are mom keeps asking us was it worth it to move here to get a better education, but we don't want to go back to SL, because we only be going behind in education, and I really want to get in MSU's Shackouls Honors College, so I'm stuck. :( Everyday, I think about how it'll be like junior or senior because I'll be in honor classes and yearbook.

I know I"m jumping around, but the other day at school(this is an example of the kind of people I encounter everyday) this guy pulls up my jacket saying, "Shake that a#*," as I was walking back to my desk. I didn't say a thing. Then later he had the nerve to call me the mean twin just because I wouldn't let him copy my answers, (him and others). I told them that I am not, but Marilyn will let you copy her answers and then change hers afterwards. I am tired of people saying I'm the mean twin just because I don't let them have their way, but you know what, I'm going to stop saying I'm nice or I'm not antisocial( I get that to too, but that's another story) and say, "Yea I am, so what, that still means that I won't..." UGGGHHHHH, WHHHYYYY! All I can do is pray, but....

But there has to be another way to deal with THESE people, but what, WHAT?!?!?

P.S.: There are probably some errors in these paragraphs, but forgive me, & Barack says hi! Ooo, and I just did twist on my hair, I'll come back later and let you know how the twist outs did, and have a video on them too, if all goes right.

Problems on the About Us page

Hey I just learned that our about us page was basically empty. Come to find out, no one change the color of the letters when I changed the background, LOL! Well it's fixed :D

Tuesday, May 3, 2011


Marilyn: On Saturday, we decided to go to the whole food store ( Rainbow's) and get a few things. I decided to try the Rainbow's Henna Persian Red after watching a video about and realizing that it is the only real henna without additives in that store. ( I used the Persian Dark Brown two months ago; took longer to rinse out.)      

When we got home, I decided to change the directions a bit. I boiled the water as usual, mixed it with the henna, added my Aubrey Aloe Vera, and covered and sat the mixture in the fridge for 45 minutes. After letting it sit, I applied the henna to my hair, without a brush. ( had on gloves). Since I didn't get under the dryer, I left it in for 70 minutes then rinse. It came out somewhat easier than the Persian Dark Brown, and I could see a color change in n my hair. It was a reddish dark brown color, cute, but now I have to be in good lighting to see the red color. The color will be brighter the next time.

Overall, I was really happy about the results. My hair is a little softer before, with more help from the Jamaican Black Castor Oil, and has a red tint to it. So at this moment, I am please.

Monday, May 2, 2011

Ohh Weather

Carolyn: Well I tried to do a twist out again over the weekend like I did for Easter, but...... the weather is constantly changing. It's humid one day, raining the next, and nice the other. So I give up for the next week, probably will give my hair a break. Other than that, I kind of have to wear a little make up so I stick to mascara for school. I haven't decided yet if I want to put on a little eyeshadow( by the way we are also make up junkies even though we don't wear make up often), but I think mascara is good enough for me. Oh and GOOD NEWS, school's almost out! Don't know what day you get out, but we get out in 3 weeks and 1 day! We are counting down! Thank you God for Summer Break! :D
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