Monday, December 19, 2011

My First Henna Treatment

Today I decided to henna my hair since my bantu knot out didn't last as long. Marilyn had previously henna the day before and had more than a half left over so I decided why not try it.

The henna we used was the Godrej Henna that Mimi mixed with coffee, Herbal Essences Hello Hydration, Tea Tree oil, & Castor oil. After mixing all the ingredients together with hot water, she put it in the fridge overnight. So for me it's been sitting in the fridge for two days. I was kind of skeptic about it changing my hair any. You know what, it did do something.



I don't know if you can see the color change, but my hair is actually like a mocha brown or darker. I don't know if it loosened my curls any, but my hair is shiny from the henna and suave conditioner. I actually trimmed and twisted my hair after. So I'll be defiantly doing this again, and I'm happy with the results. For more info on henna, you can check out on Curly Nikki.

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