Wednesday, March 9, 2011

How do you describe your style....

Well.. Today, a dude came up to me while I was walking to the bus and searching for my sis. He just flat out told me he loved my style. No name or anything, well not until my sis came up, just said, " I just LOVE your style. Just love it. It' s unique and don't let anyone tell you otherwise!" After that he told me his name and I told him mines. He is also one of the few to refer my name to Marilyn Monroe, which to me is good since people will know how to spell my name correctly. I still don't know why most people can't! Anyway, that made my day and if you were wondering, I had on a black button down cardigan, a pretty purple shirt from Kohls, dark skinny jeans rolled up, flats, my bow headband, and reading glasses @ the time. Have to post a pic later. 
So Has Anyone Commented On Your Style
My style, most of the time, is comfort. Sweats and sneaks. I'll dress up every now and then. Love Vintage, as well. :-)

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